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Thread: BitF Fan Art WINNER and RUNNERS-UP! **December 2010**

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    BitF Fan Art WINNER and RUNNERS-UP! **December 2010**

    Our December art contest has brought us a great haul of quality entries. To everyone who participated: thanks for your hard work! December's theme was A Very Brawl in the Family Christmas, so let's see what our favorite characters were up to during the holidays! (Entries are listed in alphabetical order.)

    Ame-Nami's entry

    Tim-ber! This is one crew you don't want decorating your Christmas tree. High jinks are sure to ensue when these characters get into any situation together, much less one involving a giant, teetering tree. The details in this piece make each character a treat to examine, and we love the feeling of movement that the art so deftly portrays.

    Clandy's entry

    The cuteness and simplicity of Clandy's piece quickly won the hearts of this contest's crusty old judges. Here, Dedede begrudgingly raises Kirby to the top of the tree in a delightful illustration of the complex relationship between the two. Even though Dedede looks displeased with the situation, he's resigned to his duty as he's captured in a photograph to remember the event. This allows the reader to imagine the cozy gathering of friends that is surely taking place here, full of awkward moments as Dedede tries to decide whether he wants to be there or not. Just darling!

    GigaNerd17's entry

    Daisy rather enjoys being wooed by Waluigi, who looks much more handsome here than usual. This is probably because through the eyes of love, everyone looks beautiful! The budding romance would surely create some friction with Luigi, but he's not here now, is he? A very endearing entry.

    ice cream soup's entry

    Have you ever been putting the finishing touches on an angry-looking snowman when suddenly a pink blob knocks off the snowman's head and eats his nose? If so, you can probably imagine Dedede's irritation at this moment. He's probably kicking himself for using such a yummy ingredient for his snowman's nose. We really liked Meta Knight's winter outfit and the sheer, oblivious joy on Kirby's face.

    miss_anthy's entry

    Kirby gets caught red-handed by the big man himself. The innocence of Kirby is adorable, and the watercolor-looking visuals create a warm atmosphere. This entry is another great example of how a charmingly simple composition can be very effective.

    Platypus18's entry

    Oh, no! The look on Kirby's face is heartbreaking, and Dedede doesn't look like he regrets a thing. What a lout! The peculiar textures in this piece give it a unique feel that brings together the slightly warped look of the objects here. We liked the photos on Kirby's mantle and the giant bag of Kirby's Toys that Dedede apparently stole from Kirby's house.

    ShakerSilver's entry

    This gathering of brawlers is just packed with unfolding conflict! Dededoo and Dedede both get new tools to use in their respective pursuits, Mario seems to have received a "blast" of a present from his good friend Bowser, Snake's Samus-wooing is about to get him another Falcon Punch in the face, and a giant, hat-wearing moon is about to smash into the planet, among other things. The charming art and cavalcade of funny situations make this a very special entry.

    spacepig22's entry

    Being possibly the most terrifying mall-Santa ever, Waluigi would probably make good money from any photographer who wants to take pictures of screaming children. Poor Kirby wants this moment to be over as soon as possible. This image would make a great Christmas card, though anyone you sent it to would probably think you were kind of nutty.

    Spazboy225's entries

    We didn't think we could just choose one of Spazboy225's entries to nominate, so here they both are! In the first, we've got a heartwarming gathering unfolding, with everyone getting along for a change (more or less). The warm shading and attention to detail are expertly done, with a lot of great little character interactions going on and some solid compositional work. Matthew even appears in this one, which he found quite amusing. Also appearing are Snake's chiseled buns, which have become something like Spazboy225's signature touch. The well-crafted art shows everyone at their best, and the love in the room is palpable.

    Spazboy225 apparently didn't think that Snake's muscular gleuts were featured prominently enough in his other entry, so he fills his derriere quota with this depiction of Snake sneaking butt-first down a chimney. I wonder if this is how Santa does it?

    T-3000's entry

    This peculiar entry features several brawlers performing a nativity play together. We really enjoyed the casting decisions the director made: Kirby as baby Jesus, Samus as Mary, Captain Falcon as Joseph, and... Waluigi as an angel? It looks as though Waluigi barely knows where he is at the moment, which is supported by his apparent lack of undergarments. Great expressions make this a fun entry.

    As usual, it was tough to come up with a winner, but the following entry really stuffed our stockings!

    The winner is...

    Ame-Nami's entry!

    The feeling of movement in this piece made it really special to us - you can almost feel the tree falling towards you, with Dedede and friends tumbling down into a heap. Each character is drawn with loving care and lots of charm, and the coloring provides great texture to the piece. Ame-Nami just nailed it!

    We greatly appreciate every submission you guys give us, so please keep up the amazing work! Our January 2011 contest is already underway, and we can't wait to see your ideas. See ya there!
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    Re: BitF Fan Art WINNER and RUNNERS-UP! **December 2010**

    Glad you are feeling better!

    ...And for the first time, Ame-Nami is a champion twice!!! good job to all the runners up and good job champion.

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    Re: BitF Fan Art WINNER and RUNNERS-UP! **December 2010**

    Congrats Ame-Nami! Wow, now you have the title of two time winner!

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    Re: BitF Fan Art WINNER and RUNNERS-UP! **December 2010**

    You deserved the victory, Ame-Nami! That was (sorry to other contestants, no offense meant) the best of the artwork I saw!
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    Re: BitF Fan Art WINNER and RUNNERS-UP! **December 2010**

    My honest congrats to Ame-Nami and Chris & Matt. I knew Ame would definitely win, but I'm pleased and surprised I made it into the finals! :D

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    Re: BitF Fan Art WINNER and RUNNERS-UP! **December 2010**

    Congrats everybody.

    Best of luck in the January competition. Let's see if we can bring down Ame-Nami from his/her reign of terror! ...just kidding, you deserved it Ame-Nami. LOL Keep up the good work.

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    Re: BitF Fan Art WINNER and RUNNERS-UP! **December 2010**


    Just kidding, congrats Ame-Nami!
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    Re: BitF Fan Art WINNER and RUNNERS-UP! **December 2010**

    Way to go, Ame-Nami!
    and everyone else too! ^-^

    Your drawing is incredible, I would have been surprised if you didn't win.
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    Re: BitF Fan Art WINNER and RUNNERS-UP! **December 2010**

    I knew who'd win as soon as I saw it.

    Santa Snake would be good at the level of stealth needed for the job.

    Too bad nobody thought to have Lucario sensing the inside of a gift box.

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    Re: BitF Fan Art WINNER and RUNNERS-UP! **December 2010**

    Darn, guess my busy-ness is getting to me... haven't been able to make it in twice in a row now...

    must... work... harder...

    Great job Ame-Nami! You never cease to amaze!

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    Re: BitF Fan Art WINNER and RUNNERS-UP! **December 2010**

    I knew Ame would win... It doesn't help that I posted my entry literaly 3 minutes after s/he did... felt kinda overshadowed... but it feels good man! Great job, Ame!
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    Re: BitF Fan Art WINNER and RUNNERS-UP! **December 2010**

    Yay, I'm happy to be nominated. (I kinda wish I didn't sign it though... force of habit)

    Good job to everyone. :-)

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    Re: BitF Fan Art WINNER and RUNNERS-UP! **December 2010**

    Darn! I don't know what to say!
    I'm quite frankly overwhelmed by the praise all of you are giving me! Although from the look of things, it seems I've also gained a few rivals....

    JK! I honestly have to thank everyone for your kind comments and I wish anyone participating good luck in the next contest

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    Re: BitF Fan Art WINNER and RUNNERS-UP! **December 2010**

    I really love that picture, so filled with life! Congratulations!
    Now, why don't you go for a third win?
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    Re: BitF Fan Art WINNER and RUNNERS-UP! **December 2010**

    Well done, Ame-Nami!

    Everyone in the runner-ups totally deserved being there! (No offense to those who didn't. Like me.)

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    Re: BitF Fan Art WINNER and RUNNERS-UP! **December 2010**

    Congrants Ame-Nami!!Maybe for the Jan. or Feb. I might put up a submit for my art.Maybe.

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